Balloon Smash

Smash the variety of balloons.

Different tasks need to be completed on different levels. You must smash the specific balloon based on alphabets, colors, numbers and counting.

For each smashed correct balloon you get points. Tap the balloon to smash it.

In some levels you need to avoid the other balloons than the asked one - do not touch them!

And in some levels there are tricky balloons which boosts the points. Smash them.

Learning can be a fun

Learn Alphabets

Learn Numbers

Enjoy Shapes

Fun with Emoji

Learn Colors

Learn counting

Screen Shots

Our Apps

Our mission is to create an innovative world apps for all the aspects of life.

Battery 100% Alarm

"Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. Energy saved by you can fill Light in someones life". By keeping the Energy Conservation in mind we have developed 'Battery 100% Alarm' app which will notify you by alarming on 100% charging of battery.

Game Of Words

Game of Words is a classic word puzzle game with classic theme. The aim of the game is to make the words from the given letters. Enjoying and learning are the two aspects while playing this game. Its a brain teaser which improves your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.

Auto Wallpaper

Auto wallpaper will change the wallpaper of your phone screen automatically from the selected wallpapers. You can select wallpapers from the phone gallery, web, solid colors wallpapers, quotes wallpapers or take a new picture from camera.

Society Unite

Society Unite app provides a brilliant way to bring the Society together digitally and manages many events of society absolutely Eco-friendly by paperless communication.This app is a common platform where every society member can interact, share, communicate with other society members for the betterment of the society.